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How to Grow Your Startup to $1 Million (and Beyond) without Funding

Investment isn't the best call for every startup, but how do you bootstrap a startup successfully? In this interview-style article, we'll showing you what it takes to grow your startup to $1 million dollars and beyond without funding. We'll answer tough questions and give you insights to succeed.

5 Successful Strategies to Lead Your Small Business Effectively

It's your responsibility to lead your small business, but we can help. Without hiring a bunch of new people or throwing money at marketing campaigns, here are five successful strategies you can follow to improve employee loyalty, get more customers, and grow your business.

How to Make Your Next Office Meeting Worth the Time

Most of us would agree that we waste a ton of time in office meetings. But maybe we exaggerate how much time we spend in meetings, and underestimate the value of getting everyone together. Still, there’s got to be a better way than the current, mainstream way of doing things. Right?

10 Ways to Make Life at Work Substantially Easier

We spend more time working and thinking about work than anything else. If we can make life at work easier, life in general will get better, too. So here are 10 ways to make life at work substantially easier, along with steps you can take to start seeing improvements today!

Startup Journal: Why Is Tim Gunn Relevant to Your Business?

When you think about the tech startup world, or business in general, a character like Tim Gunn is likely not what comes to mind. But he's as relevant to your work as any developer or marketer, for one simple reason.

Startup Journal: On Patience and Waiting

I can't officially speak for everyone on our team, but I think we would all agree that waiting is the worst. Patience and waiting - inherently it seems - go against every fiber of the hype that surrounds startups and entrepreneurship. All of us who've been in this world know the hype isn't accurate. That doesn't make it any less confusing to navigate!

Startup Journal: Handling Customer Service

Handling customer service appropriately is important for any business. Duh. 99 times out of 100, people care about how they're treated, and that plays directly into the success of your business. (Tweet this!) Accordingly, everyone deserves the velvet rope experience. Customers are your VIPs!

Startup Journal: Is Explosive Growth Really the Goal?

Everyone wants to achieve explosive growth. That's what a startup is all about! It's a new business trying to rapidly take control of a market. Explosive growth is in the definition of a startup! Obviously that's the goal, right? To grow as quickly as possible? That's something you have to do in order to make it, but I think we often get too caught up in the idea. I get too caught up in it, at least.

How Important Is Market Research for Entrepreneurs? [Podcast]

What comes first, the market or the idea? Text Request director of sales James Dawson teams up with entrepreneur, investor, and consultant Alex Lavidge to discuss the role of market research in a startup's development. In this Chattanooga Business RadioX segment, James and Alex discuss the importance of conducting market research as an entrepreneur, and how you can do it effectively without breaking the bank.

Startup Journal: How Should You Spend Your Time?

As an entrepreneur or any member of a startup, your work-life balance deteriorates. Your startup quickly becomes a part of your identity. It's all you think about! You take that identity everywhere, and everything you do is geared towards building your company. All these great ideas continually flood your mind. There are so many things you want to do!